The Best Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

A front yard becomes an extension of an outdoor living space with the right landscaping efforts. While having a green lawn and well-manicured shrubs was once the only right way to landscape a front yard, many new ideas and methods exist for less-traditional homeowners. Some of these ideas require a professional landscaping crew, while others are easily implemented by the homeowner.

Go Native

  • Filling flowerbeds or lining walkways with flowering plants makes a great impression, but be careful when choosing the plants. Many of the most popular flowering species are invasive, meaning they spread easily and compete with native plants. Choosing only native plants for your front yard landscaping projects is the best idea says North Carolina State University. These plants are already acclimated to your area and won’t require special care. Wildlife and insects also use the native species for food and shelter.

Ditch Grass

  • The lush, green lawn may be the most common front-yard ground cover, but it may not be the best. Grass-free front-yard landscaping involves creeping ground covers that are more durable than grass. Most of these grass alternatives also have lower water requirements than grass. For year-round landscape interest in your front yard, try evergreen ground covers hardy in your climate. Succulents work well in climates with harsh sun or sandy soils. If you want to use your grass-free lawn for entertaining, choose plants that can handle being stepped on.

Natural Screens

  • Many communities across the country have banned privacy fences to create a more open atmosphere in each neighborhood. If you’d like privacy for your front yard but can’t build the usual fence, try privacy screening with tall-growing plants and hedges. Flowering varieties or plants with colorful foliage also add to the visual interest of your front lawn, as well as form a windbreak.

Low Maintenance

  • One of the best landscaping ideas for a enjoyable front yard involves designing for low maintenance. Choose plants that don’t need regular pruning or daily watering, recommends the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Use brick or tile edging to keep walkways clean and free from plant growth, and to avoid constant trimming. Mulches prevent weeds from taking over your beds as well. Less maintenance means more free time to enjoy your front yard or pursue other hobbies.