Landscaping Services from LawnGreen

LawnGreen provides complete landscape services to residential and commercial clients.

Our regular landscape maintenance, renovation and installation service include:

  • The Personalize program – Our special brand of landscape services that involves more than just cutting your lawn!
  • Lawn Maintenance & Repair – Weekly Lawn
    Maintenance, Poweraking, cutting, seeding, leaf removal
  • New Lawn installation – New lawn installations
    including grading, seeding & sod
  • Spring & Fall Cleanups – Cleanups help
    maintain your property through the seasons
  • Bark Mulch – Bark mulch delivered and
  • Pruning – Tree – Shrub and Hedge
  • Gardens – Garden and Roto-Tilling
  • Property Maintenance – Landscape Property
    maintenance for commercial clients
  • Plant Design & Installation – Plant Design
    and installation for your flower beds and property

Weekly Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn is an important part of your landscape. Trusting the care of your lawn to seasoned professionals is the most cost effective way to have a well manicured lawn that makes your property stand out.
Keeping a new or established lawn vibrant takes more skill then pushing a lawn mower. While we’re in charge of your lawn care we’ll be keeping an eye on the health of your lawn, not just the height. We have the skill to notice problems before they get out of hand. It’s part of our Personalize program. We’ll make sure that aeration, density, insect activity, thatch and other factors are not having a detrimental effect on your lawn.

Lawn Repair and Renovation

Does your lawn have dead spots? Is there more brown then green? LawnGreenspecializes in lawn repair and renovation. Sometimes it might seem like it would be better to rip it out and start again. That’s not always the case. If there’s a chance the lawn can be renovated, we’ll let you know. Sometimes something as simple as overseeding your lawn will bring back that full, thick lawn you used to have.

Overseeding your lawn

Grass is not immortal. After five or six years, grass plants will slow down their
reproduction rates. Thinner grass invites weeds. Overseeding compensates for
that natural slow down of your lawn. The major benefits to overseeding are you
insure your lawn stays thick and dense and thick grass has few if any weeds.

New Lawn Installation

Are you building a new home or do you have a lawn that says: Please start over?. LawnGreen can assist you with your new lawn installation needs. We have all the necessary equipment to grade your property and spread loom so that your new lawn has the look you want. We’ll take care to make sure that the proper preparation is done to ensure the lawn gets off to the best start and has the best environment to thrive in. Once your lawn is installed you’ll of course be concerned with it’s upkeep. As always we are ready to provide you with our Personalize program to make sure you have that well manicured lawn that you desire.

Seed or Sod Lawn installations

LawnGreen provides new lawn installations by seeding or laying sod. Each method has their own benefits and drawbacks. Seeding a new lawn can be faster and cheaper to install but of course there is some time involved before the grass has grown in completely. Sod lawns have the benefit of looking finished from the time we leave but they are more expensive and take longer to install. Occasionally
patches of sod don’t take and need to be replaced.
What ever method suits the requirements for a new lawn installation, ROY Landscape has the know how to get the job done on time and on budget.

Bark Mulch Delivery and Installation

LawnGreen provides complete mulch delivery and installation services for commercial and residential clients.
Bark Mulch is an easy and cost effective way to beautify your property but also serves a practical purpose. Mulch provides root cover, nutrients and helps provide adequate moisture in between rain or watering. Yearly application of Mulch will keep your planting beds happy and healthy.
There are many types of mulch products available for delivery and installation. We can discuss the various types of mulch available and would be glad to provide any assistance with the selection process.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

LawnGreen provides complete Tree, Shrub and Hedge pruning. While we will prune your trees and shrubberies to be part of that well manicure property, we also bring you that maintenance edge
There are many reasons why it’s important to have a professional keep up with pruning:
  • Promote plant health – control Insect infestation, dead branches or storm damage
  • Maintain Plants – Pruning helps maintain hedge density or fruit or flower development
  • Maintain appearance – Plant size and shape
  • Protecting Property – Remove low hanging or interfering branches
We know the when, why and how of Tree and Shrub pruning. Let us bring our years of experience to your property to not only make sure it’s well manicured but also cared for in a way that promotes future growth and health of your landscape.

Planting Bed Design and Installation

LawnGreen provides complete planting bed design and installation. There’s a lot to consider with planting beds. Knowing what plants do well in sun or shade, or if you want to attract (or avoid) certain birds or insects. We will bring our knowledge of plant varieties, hardiness, color and maintenance needs to the design of your planting bed.
Well designed planting beds also enhance the value and appearance of your property. Well placed plantings can give your home the look of a well manicured estate. We’ll
be glad to offer suggestions based on your properties unique layout.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall cleanups are an important part of landscape maintenance. During the early spring it is important to completely remove any accumulated materials such as brush and thatch. This allows your lawn and plantings to grow freely and to their best potential. Fall cleanups are equally important to the health of your landscape.
With our complete spring and fall cleanups we will completely clear and haul away your yard debris. If you combine a spring clean up with our bark mulch services you can have your property start the season off looking it’s best.

Gardens / Roto-Tilling Services

Roto-tilling provides many benefits to new or existing gardens and plantings. It loosens soil to enhance root growth, mixes in yard material that becomes food for the soil and helps with weed control.
LawnGreen provides complete garden and Roto-tilling services. We can also help you determine if Roto-tilling is required and know the best times to do it. Well
come out and make sure the job is done right and for you to get your garden or planting beds started.
If you need regular lawn care or have a problem lawn please Contact Us to find out how we can help.