Landscape maintenance with an edge. The maintenance edge™

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High quality landscapes require maintenance. We provide complete landscape maintenance. Maintenance with an edge™.

Any company can mow a lawn and rake a leaf. What we provide is a pro active assessment of your landscape. We will provide all the right services that your landscape needs but also offer suggestions aimed at improving the durability, maintainability and look of your property.

LawnGreen has extensive experience with landscape design. We can review your property and suggest plantings that will thrive the best and also require less maintenance based on natural property attributes such as drainage and lighting.

If you have a problem area on your property we have the experience to identify the cause of the problem and make suggestions to resolve the situation. It’s all part of how LawnGreen will give you the Maintenance Edge


Lawn Care

Trust your lawn care to an experienced professional. Lawngreen has experiences caring for lawns. We pay attention to the health of your lawn, not just the height of the grass.

Maintenance Edge™ we will keep your lawn in tip top shape.

We specialize in the following lawn care services:

  • Weekly mowing

  • Dethatching

  • Aerating

  • Overseeding

  • Lawn repair and replacements

We will custom tailor a lawn care and maintenance program specifically designed to keep your lawn looking it’s best.

Planting Beds, Plantings and Pruning

LawnGreen provides residential and commercial landscape planting and pruning maintenance. We have many year landscaping experience that we will bring to your property. We are knowledgeable about varied plantings and can advise and recommend plantings for your planting beds. We will recommend plantings that are the best suited for your particular property as well as be the lowest maintenance where appropriate.

We also provide pruning maintenance for our clients. Pruning is almost an art form and proper pruning can enhance your landscape and bring out the best from your trees and shrubs. Improper pruning will not only destroy the look of your landscape it will also severely impact future potential.

When it comes to pruning if your not sure how to do it, it’s better not to do it at all

Property Maintenance

Do you currently deal with multiple companies to manage your property? Would you like to have a single point of contact for all your landscape needs? Would you like us to simplify the process?

Whether your a homeowner, a manager for a condominium complex or an investor with rental properties, ROY Landscape can provide complete property maintenance programs to cover your needs. We can completely manage landscaping for residential and commercial clients. When you contract with us there will be only one company to deal with for ALL your landscape needs.

We have many years experience in landscaping and property maintenance. We have developed relationships with contractors of many related services and are uniquely poised to manage:

  • Landscape care and maintenance
  • Landscape design and construction projects
  • Large scale tree installations or removals
  • Snow Removal

Planting and pruning services are provided for residential and commercial clients of any size

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