A garden for cats

While many people want to keep cats out of the garden, if you’d rather invite them in, here are a few ideas for plants and structures, as well as what to avoid.  Giving… Continue reading

Keep unwanted visitors out of your garden

Is the local wildlife enjoying your garden more than you are? We’ve got tips to help keep pests away from your plants. What’s a gardener to do when the local bunny population sees… Continue reading

Easy front yard landscaping

To have an impressive low maintenance front yard is the goal of many people. You can get an easy to manage front yard landscaping project done by any of the professional landscapers in your area or you… Continue reading

House in Pitt meadows

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Garden Accessories

Furnish your garden with a passion and interest in ever new, always seek the best means for the welfare of plants and flowers to which it gives its own green space in the… Continue reading

Great Ideas For Attractive Front Yard Landscaping Designs

Most people have different plans for front yard landscaping. Most front yards are carefully landscaped to make them look attractive and inviting. Front yards are where we enter our homes and spend precious… Continue reading

Secrets To Computer Landscape Design

There area number of great benefits of using a computer Landscape Design. A well developed landscape design computer software package will help you take out the guesswork out gardening work. By taking Landscape… Continue reading

Discover These Little Known Nursery Design Ideas

After building a dream home, the next important task is to decorate it. Today, most of the home owners appoint professional interior decorators to design the interiors of their homes. There is a… Continue reading

What It Takes To Specialize In Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a hobby that relaxes and an occupation that pays well. Professional landscape photography most often occupies the drawing rooms of large mansions, serving as conversation pieces among guests especially during… Continue reading

101 Landscape Gardening

  Landscape gardening is a type of English gardening that became popular in the nineteenth century. This type of gardening is great for playgrounds and maintaining large parks. But you can also use… Continue reading

Planning and Landscaping

Gardens are for people – the people who own them. A beautiful garden does not just spring up overnight! This is especially true in the small gardens of today where space is so… Continue reading

Flowering Plants in September

 Many flowering plants are long past blooming as summer winds down and fall looms on the calendar. However, varied species of plants do not bloom until the ninth month or continue blooming well… Continue reading

Green your place

In actuality going green is not that hard. All it takes is a little thought and a few minor habit changes. 1.Conserve energy. Who wouldn’t like to cut down on those energy bills?… Continue reading

Flower Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

The landscaping of your home’s front yard enhances the look of your home. Flowers can brighten a shade-filled front yard or highlight an intricate brick or stone walkway. The choices for landscaping your front… Continue reading

The Best Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

A front yard becomes an extension of an outdoor living space with the right landscaping efforts. While having a green lawn and well-manicured shrubs was once the only right way to landscape a front yard,… Continue reading

Common thyme and its flavorful cousins are anything but ordinary in the garden

There’s a spot for versatile thyme in almost every garden. Depending on the variety, it can spread out to its heart’s content as a ground cover, sprawl over a wall, tuck neatly into… Continue reading

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