Low Voltage Landscape Lighting – How To Do It Like A Professional

Lighting in your landscape can proved an added beauty as well as help you see during the nighttime hours. You will not want to have bright, glaring lights around your landscape so low voltage landscape lighting is the best way to go. There are many ways to decorate your landscapes with this type of lighting. Here are a few suggestions which you can use to create a pleasing eye appeal to your landscape.

You can find landscape lighting kits which look like real rocks but are actually low voltage lights. These lights are shaped to look like natural rock and will blend in quite well with your garden design. Landscape rock kits can be strung together on one electrical lead or can be placed individually around the garden with the use of a transformer. You can also get a digital timer which will automatically turn the lights on and off at certain times.

Pagoda style low voltage lights can be used to line a driveway or walkway and provide a pleasing appearance. They can be found with a low voltage transformer and also can be set on a timer. The bulbs usually have a long life and are suitable for areas with a lot of water or rain.

Lantern style lighting can also be found with low voltage outdoor landscape lighting systems. These lanterns are decorative and ornate and provide interest to your landscape. You can find them with finial accents and rugged looking materials. These low voltage lanterns are also good in wet climates.

Low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to accent certain parts of your landscape and provide great curb appeal and safety at the same time. You should keep in mind to place your lights close to your older adult plants instead of the new ones you have just planted. This is better for the plants and also provides a prettier landscape.

Landscaping with lights is not a new concept but until recently many people were not able to afford them. In recent years there have been new designs which are simple to install and operate and also cost less money than those of years past. Landscaping with lights was once only for the rich and famous but now is becoming a very popular way to design just about any landscape.

Residential landscape lighting should be done carefully or you will find that you have overdone the project. Lights should be strategically placed to highlight your best landscape features. Up lights can be used below shrubs to highlight the shrubbery area without being too harsh. Lining a walkway can be decorative as well as allowing visitors to be able to see the walkway when they arrive after dark.

When you are placing your low voltage landscape lighting you will need to keep in mind what areas need mowing and weed eating. Weed eaters can destroy outdoor lighting fixtures so the correct placement is essential. Lights will be best if they are placed in beds that will be maintained by hand. If you want lighting along an area that is going to be mowed you will need to consider pole lighting. You will also be able to find low voltage lighting on poles which will stand tall enough to be mowed around without causing damage to the lights.

Solar landscape lighting has also become a very popular choice for usage in architectural landscape lighting design, especially with rise of energy prices and the increased awareness of the need for renewable energy sources.