101 Landscape Gardening


Landscape gardening is a type of English gardening that became popular in the nineteenth century. This type of gardening is great for playgrounds and maintaining large parks. But you can also use it to create functional and fantastic looking personal gardens on a much smaller scale.

Not only can you have a personal garden designed this way, but you can also design your greenhouse to encompass the landscape ideals. Whichever way you go, there is a lot of planning that is involved before you even begin to landscape your garden.

One of the main focus features that you should use is for entertaining. These will include areas set up for barbeque and lawn activities. You should also include areas for sitting and dining as well. They should be sketched out beforehand so that you can focus on the details when you are in the building stage.

While you are sketching these areas out, make sure to include ornamental and low maintenance plants and shrubs. This will give you a better idea of how it will all look when it is done. There are many varieties of plants that you can use in your landscape garden to give you the sense of a peaceful gathering spot.

When you start your designing aspect, you should keep it fairly flexible. If you need to make changes during your design, it’s much easier if you have kept it flexible. There are numerous ways you can create your landscape by using plants and ornamental planters. You might even want to plant a fruit tree or two if you happen to have the room to do such. You can also figure in how to place a fantastic water feature to catch everyone’s eye when they first enter your garden.

There is no limit to what you can do with your landscape garden. But the planning has to be done first as it is the most important aspect. In order to get the full feel of the landscape garden, you need to make sure that all your plants complement each other in the ways they are supposed to. You should also make good use of matching materials to give it an overall balanced look and feel. You don’t want to have your garden done in wood and have one piece of stainless steel standing out.

You can find all kinds of information for designing your garden online, and you can go to your local nursery and home improvement center to get all the information you could ever need.