How to do Desert Landscaping

Desert home landscaping

Learn how to landscape areas where water is scarce. Desert landscaping is popular among those who want to conserve water.

Things You’ll Need

  • shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • gloves
  • creativity
  • 1. Going green landscaping
    One of the most modern and popular forms of landscaping is called, “going green landscaping”. Ironically, there is very little green in the actual landscape because it is a landscaping method that saves water.
  • 2. Desert landscape home
    To start our plan for a front or backyard landscaping plan, we will have to decide if we want to completely have a waterless yard with stone and small rocks, or a yard with a few plants.
    Most yards need at least a few plants. Desert plants use such a small amount of water and can be watered with a drip system.
  • 3. Water drip plant circle
    Let’s design the yard by deciding where to put a water drip hose system. These drip systems are available at most hardware stores and they can be installed in just a few minutes.
  • 4. Poly drip tube
    The large poly tube carries the water to the garden where it is then reduced to the drip tubing which waters each tree and plant.
  • 5. Poky cactus
    Before we put in the rocks and gravel, we need to plant the flowers, plants, and trees. There are many kinds of desert plants and trees that are beautiful, but if we don’t live in a desert climate, most of these plants won’t grow.
    We can still use the desert landscaping mentality of water conservation with local plants and trees that will flourish with the water drip system.
    For those that do live in a desert climate, there are some fun plants that require very little maintenance.
    This cactus is really kind of poky and prickly, but it has a natural beauty.
  • 6. Joshua tree
    The Joshua tree is a favorite of the Mojave Desert. I wish they could grow everywhere but that would make them less special.
  • 7. Palm trees are very popular and there are hundreds of species to choose from.
  • 8. Plants and bushes add a touch of beauty and with the drip irrigation system, the plants get watered, not the weeds.
  • 9. Paver stones
    The part of desert landscaping that requires little to no maintenance is the rocks and stones. This also includes “pavers” which is pathway stones.
  • 10. Stone lawn 
    Rocks and stones can be used as ground coverings.
  • 11. Landscape stone
    Or they can be used as a yard centerpiece.
  • 12. Landscape curbing 
    Curbing can be a nice addition to a front yard landscaping project because it adds definition. It separates and gives a yard symmetry.
  • 13. Landscape stairs
    Sidewalks, steps and stairs adds completion to a sloped area.
  • 14. Desert style home
    There are many desert landscaping ideas that conserve water.