Flower Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

The landscaping of your home’s front yard enhances the look of your home. Flowers can brighten a shade-filled front yard or highlight an intricate brick or stone walkway. The choices for landscaping your front yard with flowers are limited only by the amount of sun or shade available to the area. Adding accent rocks, mulch or stone brightens and frames the flowers in this entryway garden.

Focal Points and Design

  • Many gardeners choose a single flowering shrub or plant to provide the focal point in a garden. You can choose either just one or many focal points. A continuous line of flowering annuals creates a dramatic display as much as a single flowering perennial surrounded by mulch. Offsetting your floral displays with rocks closer to the plants and mulch farther away helps delineate the flowers and draw the eye to the flowers. Your focal point can even be the shrubs or trees in your front yard. Simply use flowers around the base to create a frame for evergreens and trees.
    Examine the front of your home and determine which features you’d like to enhance with your flowers. Maybe you’ve got a veranda that begs for a rectangular garden to accentuate and flatter the long porch. Any landscape design should frame your home. As with shrubs or trees, you can choose to create a symmetrical floral landscape that balances each side of the house. Another option includes planting flowers from the corners of your home in, decreasing in height to draw attention to the entryway of the home.
    Dramatic front yard floral displays often require a little finishing work to make the landscape design look polished. Edge your gardens with bricks, stone or pavers to enhance and outline your flowerbeds. Frame your entry walkway by creating a foot-wide garden on each side filled with flowers. Add solar accent lights to direct the way to your front door.


  • Gardeners frequently plant annuals each year to brighten the front of their homes. Annuals, also called bedding plants, bloom throughout the growing season. These plants offset hedges, shrubs and tress nicely when placed in front as a border. Annuals come in a variety of colors and heat tolerances. Annuals also come as foliage-only plants, adding interesting leaf designs and height to a garden. Make sure to evaluate the amount of sunlight in your front yard before purchasing annuals. Annuals generally require more care than perennials so make sure you know each plant’s requirements for both sunlight and water.


  • Perennials form the backbone of most front-yard landscapes. These plants replenish and grow each year, unlike annuals. Perennials also expand quite nicely in size with proper care, allowing gardeners to fill in the gaps in their gardens over time as well as transplant flowers to new locations. Colorful blooming perennials include such flowers as Shasta daisies, black-eyed Susan, day lilies, butterfly bush and many others. All of these plants can form a blanket of color over the course of the growing season.
    The key to using perennials in any landscape lies in choosing plants that flower at different times. When one plant finishes, another starts to provide a continuous floral display for your landscape. Including some ornamental grasses add contrast and while these plants don’t bloom, they are hardy and many offer a cattail like shoot during the growing season.

Container Landscaping

  • Your front yard offers the perfect opportunity to use interesting containers to accent your landscaping. Choose large pots for each side of the front door and fill the pots with abundant blooming annuals. Place planters within your garden to fill blank spots or simply to add spice to your garden. Containers work well when placed on the front steps trailing vines or flowers such as petunias spilling from pot to pot. Using flower-filled containers often gives your landscape a finished look.